Hey, friend!

   Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m Marissa. I’m currently living life with my best friend and husband, Nick, in Ohio. Besides being a wife and photographer, I also am a nurse. Even though I am passionate about many things and am pursuing two very different careers, photography has consistently given me the creative and inspiring outlet in life I need to thrive.  

   I have been interested in taking pictures and capturing memories for almost 5 years now. I remember getting an instagram account way back when simply to edit photos before it even blew up in popularity and became a social media app (how crazy is that?!). In 2014 I started walking around and taking pictures in college with a Sony point and shoot I purchased on a whim as  a Black Friday deal. I fell in love with how carrying a camera taught me how to slow down, and look at life from a different view. I have continued to have that same love over the years and never looked back since. 

   I believe our lives all have a story to tell. I love that with a camera we have the power to document and share those stories for generations to come. I am passionate about authentically capturing your story and freezing these precious moments in time to last forever. I believe in quality and am driven to provide you the highest quality with my work. I want to capture your whole self and will strive to do so as natural as possible; with direction but without lots of posing. 

   If you enjoy lots of laughing and are looking for someone document this special thing we call life- from the mundane to the miraculous- let’s meet! I’d love to share stories over a cup of coffee or from behind my camera.